Fiber 9.2mm SMPTE 311M: Direct Burial Riser HFCDBR

Clark Wire & Cable’s HFCDBR riser rated, direct burial SMPTE 311M camera cable is a dual-purpose cable that can be installed underground and within most building structures. With two single-mode fibers for multiplexed video, audio and data, the HFCDBR delivers exceptionally low-loss for HD camera to CCU interconnects. All copper conductors are insulated with a polyethylene dielectric for exceptional heat and current leakage resistance. For added durability, the two single-mode fiber elements are coated with a high tensile strength CPE tight buffer that achieves three times the tensile strength as compared to typical PVC tight buffer compounds. The outer jacket is extruded from a flame retardant PVC compound over a water-blocking tape that wraps around the inner core. This construction is both UL listed and provides an additional level of protection by absorbing moisture within the water-blocking tape in the event that the jacket is penetrated.

$1,950.00 / 1000 Feet

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