SMPTE Splice Enclosure, 2RU Angled In, 1 Plug

Clarks first to market 8 channel SMPTE splice enclosures changed the industry standard for stadium and arena hybrid fiber camera installations. The MPAS system offers a modular design with up to 8 connections using various combinations of SMPTE 304M plugs, sockets, opticalCON or other specified formats. The singular enclosure eliminates the need for a seperate splice box. The unique rear modules have the ability to accept single channel, 3 channel, or 4 channel SMPTE cables. Each systems includes all of the necessary hardward, mating connectors, splice sleeves and trays. Available in an Inward angle or Outward angle.

The image represents the MPA series of panel assemblies, and may not be indicative of the elements in the series. Please refer to the part number and description for connector elements and panel details.

$902.44 / each

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