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Cable Reels

        Audio / Video Reels         CWR-300 Series - Extra Large Reels
        CWR-AV Series         Extra Large Capacity
        Portable Reels         CWR-500 Series - Heavy Duty Reels
        Portable Hand Held Reels       Heavy Duty Storage Reels
        Portable Field Reels       With Slotted Divider Disc
        Large Portable Field Reels      
        Stainless Steel Reels        Motorized Rewind Reels
        For Sanitary or Harsh Enviornments        Heavy Duty Reels with Electric Rewind
        Power Cable Reels        Replacement Parts
        Portable Electric Cable Storage          AV Series - CWR-1
             AV Series - CWR-2
        Canare Reels          AV Series - CWR-3
        Small Reels          CWR-161 Portable Hand-Held Reel
        Medium Reels          CWR-161LC Power Storage Reel
        Large Reels          CWR-500 Series
                 CWR-500 Series Stainless Steel
             CWR-500E Series Electric Rewind
             CWR-A11 Portable Field Reel
             CWR-A12 Large Portable Field Reel
           Reel Accessories and Options
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