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Panels and Plates


BNC Blank Panel

.580" D Punch - larger diameter punch with flat accommodates isolation washers and prevents rotationn

Flanged for Additional Rigidity- limits panel flexing when mating connectors

Andozided Black Aluminum - corrosion resistant, hard anodized aluminum

16 or 32 Possitions - highest density in a single or two rack unit size



Part Numbers and Specifications

Part Number Connector Punch Type Number of Connectors Dimentions Finish

.580" D Punch

(for ADC BNC with Iso Washer)


19" x 1.75" (1RU)

Black Anodized Aluminum


.580" D Punch

(for ADC BNC with Iso Washer)

32 (2x16)

19" x 3.5" (2RU)

Black Anodized Aluminum




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