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Custom Assemblies

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Custom Cable Ordering

All of your custom cable needs can be ordered with a simple phone call or fax.

One of Clark's trained sales people will take your order and make sure that the

cables are built to your specifications. Working closely with the termination shop, they will ensure that your order is well taken care of.

Lamination,  Engraving,  Your Logo,   Your  Design

Custom Punched Panel Design Program

This program is used to design custom rack mountable panels, other prepunched panels, boxes, and wall plates.

All you do is choose which of the items you wish to build, specify the dimensions, and then click on the appropriate connectors

and put them in the proper position.

There is even a function where you can add designators that can be engraved onto the panel or box.


Finished designs are then available to be printed for in house use or automatically e-mailed

to Clark Wire & Cable for a quotation. Try it now!  

Additional Custom Services

Because Clark Wire & Cable also supplies cable reels, boxes, panels and patchbays, they are easily able to custom terminate a wide variety of cable assemblies/systems for both field or studio applications.

Clark can supply not only the expertise needed to help you integrate the equipment in your facility or remote production vehicle, but the cable and cable peripherals required as well.

Clark's staff has the knowledge required to advise customers on their project needs and the experience to see it through to completion. Ask us about some of the many professional clients that have used our services.






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