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Remote Composite Cable Assemblies


RCC Series

Clark's RCC cables include various configurations of twisted shielded pairs for audio, video and even power, all under one flexible jacket that lays flat and respools easily.
All of the coax lines are 100% foil shielded with a 98% braid shield assuring maximum immunity to induced interference. In addition, they are color coded for fast set ups. Up to six coax lines are available providing a camera feed as well as gen lock and return video for program monitoring at the camera position.
The individually jacketed audio pairs are color coded and can accommodate most requirements for microphone and line level audio as well as intercom and IFB. These cables ensure an absolute minimum of crosstalk between low level microphone feeds and line level signals. The audio pairs can also be used for some other low voltage/low current functions, such as DC closures for tally lights and control/data signals. The 16ga twisted pair for power is supplied with a braid over foil shield for maximum isolation from interference in the audio and video lines, as well as overall yellow PVC jacketing.
In addition to field camera feeds, the RCC series cables are equally well suited for studio and machine room wiring whenever it is desirable to have audio and video feeds in a single composite cable. One example of this would be providing power and signal to a soffit mounted television monitor in an audio production suite.

Clark's RCC cable is available terminated to your specifications including a variety of multipin quick disconnect connectors - ideal for portable A/V systems, cameras, and anywhere where quick set up and teardown is a factor. We can also supply these cables on Hannay or Canare reel systems hard wired to the side of the reel and ready for use in the field. 


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