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Custom Boxes and Enclosures


Even though Clark carries a full line of stage boxes, many times something customized is needed,

such as adding Telco or BNC connectors to a box. We will custom punch to your specifications.

If you would like to have a complete custom box of your own design, our Custom Panel Program will allow

you to design boxes that wil be custom punched for you with any connectors we carry.


Stage & Field Boxes

Joining our stock boxes

with a

custom panel and termination

designed by you.

Wall & Outdoor


NEMA 4 and 12 Rated

boxes to accept any

custom panel and configuration

to be used outdoors

and in other harsh enviornments.


Rack Mount

Boxes / Chassis

Box / Chassis designed to fit

your needs, and your 19" Rack.

A variety of sizes and

options to choose from.

Your imagination is the only constraint!


Contact Clark for information on custom boxes built to your specifications, or use our Online Custom Design Program to design and send your custom boxes directly to Clark for a quotation.



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