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110Ω to 75Ω Matching Baluns




   XLR / BNC Baluns for Audio Impedance Matching  

To complement its full line of connectors, ADC introduces three new individual baluns
for 110 ohm to 75 ohm impedance matching.

These precision machined chrome-plated brass connectors come in

three new models:

Male XLR to Female BNC, Female XLR to Female BNC,

and Female XLR to Female BNC

with a 10 dB pad for nominal 1 volt peak to peak output.


Part Number Description
110 Ohm female XLR to 75 Ohm BNC media converter.
110 Ohm male XLR to 75 Ohm BNC media converter.


110 Ohm female XLR to 75 Ohm BNC media converter, 1 volt, peak-to-peak.

The new AES 110 Ohm to 75 Ohm balun provides precision impedance matching

for interfacing balanced twisted pair AES audio to unbalanced coaxial audio.

A 1 volt peak-to-peak balun is available for use with equipment

that cannot accept high input voltages.


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