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U-Link™ Universal Keypad Automation Cable



22AWG Signal Conductors - low-loss conductors for signal elements

18AWG Aux Conductors - larger low power loss conductors for auxiliary elements

For Lutron, AMX or Crestron Keypads - universal design works with multiple system types

UL Rated - suitable for installation in many permanent install applications

Clark’s U-Link™ ULK2218 is a universal control cable designed for use with Crestron, AMX and Lutron keypad to base station wiring in commercial and residential automation and conferencing systems. The U-Link ULK2218 has two twisted pair elements under a single-jacket to provide separate elements for the signal and power feeds to the keypad. To provide low attenuation, the data pair has a low-capacitance foam dielectric that reduces the high frequency signal attenuation within the pair. UL rated for permanent installation, the U-Link ULK2218 can be installed in most non-plenum permanent installation environments.


Materials & Dimentions

Signal Conductors

22AWG (7x30) Stranded BC Conductors

Foam PE Insulation, .020" wall

100% Foil Shield w/ 24AWG (7x32) TC Drain Wire

Aux Conductors

18AWG (7x26) BC Conductors

PVC Insulation, .007" wall

Overall Jacket

PVC, Black


Signal Elements Signal Color Code Aux Elements Aux Color Code O.D. Weight Bend Radius

White, Blue


Red. Black .245" 38 lbs/Mft 2.5"


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Impedance Operating Temperature UL Listing

Singal Conductor: 14.4 Ω/Mft

Aux Conductor: 6.4 Ω/Mft

Shield: 22.0 Ω/Mft


-20degC to +75degC





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