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FieldFlex™ 20AWG Microphone Cable



Ultra-Flexible Mink™ Jacket - exceptional flexibility and abrasion resistant

Heavy Duty Construction - built for stage, studio and remote broadcast applications

Low Loss 20 AWG Conductors- low loss, corrosion resistant and exceptional flex-life

Excellent Noise Rejection- precision pair twisting maximizes RF/EMI rejection

95% Braid with Drain Wire - full coverage shielding and easy termination

Corrosion Resistant - tinned copper conductors and braid virtually eliminate corrosion

Clark’s FF220 FieldFlex™ microphone cable delivers both flexibility and durability for staging, studio, or hostile environment applications. The high strand 20AWG conductors (41 strands per conductor), have exceptional flexibility, flex-life and low DC resistance. For enhanced common-mode and RF/EMI rejection, the FF220 features tight-twist balanced pairs that are shielded with a 95% corrosion resistant braid and drain wire. The outer jacket is extruded from Clark’s MINK™ ultra-flexible PVC compound that has both exceptional flexibility and abrasion resistance characteristics.


Materials & Dimentions


(2) 20AWG (41x36) Stranded TC, .036" O.D.


Polyethylene .018" wall, (one black, one white)


95% TC Braid with 24AWG (41x40) Stranded TC Drain Wire


Mink™ Ultra-Flexible Matte PVC, .280" O.D.

Available Colors

Black, Red


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Capacitance Temperature Range Weight

Conductor: 10.1 Ω/Mft

Shield w/ Drain: 3.8 Ω/Mft

25.7 pF/ft between conductors

47.3 pF/ft between one conductor and the other in common with shield

-35degC to +75degC 47 lbs/Mft




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