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Tactical Distribution Fiber


DMT-TE Series

Double Jacket Design - features two polyurethane jackets for exceptional durability

Overall Stainless Steel Braid -provides additional cable strength

Heavy Duty Tactical Design - constructed from high strength materials and coatings

Single-Mode or OM4 Fiber - 9u single-mode bend tolerant or 50u OM4 grade multi-mode

Overall Aramid Strength Member - central cable strength for pull and bend forces

Four Fiber Elements - designed for use with tactical fiber connectors

The DMT-TE series is a double jacketed tactical fiber cable for use in optical fiber cables in portable or hostile environments. It features a rugged polyurethane outer jacket, stainless steel braid, polyurethane inner jacket, aramid strength member, and high strength fiber coatings and buffers. The single-mode versions are made from bend tolerant glass that is less susceptible to micro-bending attenuation. Together these materials deliver significantly improved flex-life, crush resistance and tensile strength when compared to typical permanent installation multi-strand fiber cables.


Materials & Dimentions

Fiber Type and Part Number Code

SM = Single-Mode 9um Bend Tolerant

MM54 = Multi-mode 50um OM4

Number of Elements

4 (blue, orange, green, brown)


Glass, 125um diameter

Primary Coating

UV Cured Acrylate, 245um diameter

Secondary Buffer

Hard Elastomeric Tight Buffer, 900um diameter

Overall Strength Member

Aramid Yarn

Inner Jacket


Outer Braid

Stainless Steel

Outer Jacket

Gloss Polyurethane


Cross Sectional Diagram


Mechanical Performance

Impact Resistance Crush Resistance Proof Test Level Operating Temperature

1500 impacts


1800 N/cm


100 kpsi -40degC to +85degC


Product Variations

Part Number Number of Fiber Elements and Type O.D. Weight

Bend Radius


Tensile Load


CWF-DMT004SMTE 4 Single-Mode .335" 80 lbs/Mft

3.5" - Installation

1.7" - Operating

400lbs - Installation

130lbs - Operating

CWF-DMT004MM54TE 4 Multi-Mode OM4 .335" 80 lbs/Mft

3.5" - Installation

1.7" - Operating

400lbs - Installation

130lbs - Operating


Optical Performance




Gigabit Ethernet

(max. distance)

10-Gig Ethernet

(max. distance)



1310 nm

10 km (1000BASE-LH)

5 km (1000BASE-LX)

10 km (10GBASE-LH) 0.5 dB/km

1550 nm


40 km (10GBASE-ER) 0.5 dB/km


OM4 Multi-Mode


Laser Bandwidth


LED Bandwidth


Gigabit Ethernet

(max. distance)

10-Gig Ethernet

(max. distance)



850 nm

2000 MHz-km 1500 MHz-km

1000 m

300 m 3.0 dB/km

1310 nm

500 MHz-km 500 MHz-km

600 m

300 m 1.0 dB/km


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