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Riser Permanent Install Speaker Cable


CW Series


Stranded Bare Copper Conductors - large gage, low-loss conductors

PVC Insulation - easy to terminate

Low Friction Outer Jackets - reduces resistance when pulling cable through conduit

Easy-to-Strip - jacket and insulation are easy to remove for streamlined termination

UL Riser Rated CL2R - for permanent installation in building and conduit

The CW series is an easy-to-install, commercial grade speaker cable for permanent installation in walls or conduit. Built with large gage copper conductors, the CW series minimizes power loss and attenuation through the cable. The outer jacket is extruded from a flexible PVC that is easy-to-strip and has a low friction finish that is easy to pull through conduit. UL rated type CL2R, the CW series can be installed variety of environments.


Materials & Dimentions


(2) Stranded BC (see below for gage types)


PVC .015" wall, (red & black)



Available Colors



Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

Temperature Range UL Rating
-20degC to +75degC CL2R


Product Variations

Part Number Conductor Gage DC Resistance Overall Diameter Weight Bend Radius
CW1202 12AWG(19x25) 1.8Ω/Mft .250" 59 lbs/Mft 2.5"
CW1402 14AWG(19x27) 2.8Ω/Mft .210" 37 lbs/Mft 2.1"
CW1602 16AWG(19x29) 4.5Ω/Mft .182" 26 lbs/Mft 1.8"
CW1802 18AWG(19x30) 6.0Ω/Mft .166" 19 lbs/Mft 1.6"




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