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Plenum Permanent Install Speaker Cable


CWP Series


Stranded Bare Copper Conductors - large gage, low-loss conductors

Plenum PVC Insulation - easy to terminate

Low Friction Outer Jackets - reduces resistance when pulling cable through conduit

Easy-to-Strip - jacket and insulation are easy to remove for streamlined termination

UL Plenum Rated CL2P - for permanent installation in plenum applications

The CW-P series is an easy-to-install, commercial grade speaker cable for permanent installation in walls or conduit. Built with large gage copper conductors, the CW-P series minimizes power loss and attenuation through the cable. The outer jacket is extruded from a flexible PVC that is easy-to-strip and has a low friction finish that is easy to pull through conduit. UL rated type CL2P, the CW-P series can be installed variety of environments.


Materials & Dimentions


(2) Stranded BC (see below for gage types)


Plenum PVC .015" wall, (red & black)


Plenum PVC

Available Colors



Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

Temperature Range UL Rating
0degC to +75degC CL2P


Product Variations

Part Number Conductor Gage DC Resistance Overall Diameter Weight Bend Radius
CW1202P 12AWG(19x25) 1.8Ω/Mft .250" 61 lbs/Mft 2.5"
CW1402P 14AWG(19x27) 2.8Ω/Mft .210" 39 lbs/Mft 2.1"
CW1602P 16AWG(19x29) 4.5Ω/Mft .182" 28 lbs/Mft 1.8"
CW1802P 18AWG(19x30) 6.0Ω/Mft .166" 20 lbs/Mft 1.6"




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