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Plenum Electrical Camera Cable



22AWG Signal Conductors - terminates to signal pins in SMPTE 304M connector breakouts

16AWG Aux Conductors - terminates to auxiliary pins in SMPTE 304M connector breakouts

Color Coded for SMPTE Format - uses standard red, grey, black and white color code

Overall Braid Shield - provides low DCR for grounding between CCU and camera

Ideal for SMPTE Panels and Boxes - provides structured wiring between Clark ModBox systems

CMP Plenum Rated - suitable for installation in most plenum applications

The CW1622P is a plenum rated multi-conductor cable for SMPTE camera applications in permanent installation environments. The shielded 22AWG signal and 16AWG aux elements provided the exact number and type of electrical conductors required for interconnecting all non-optical fiber elements between SMPTE 304M connectors mounted in panels or distribution boxes. UL rated type CMP, the CW1622P can be installed in most plenum rated applications.


Materials & Dimentions

Signal Conductors

22AWG (19x34) Stranded TC Conductors

FEP Insulation, .010" wall

Aux Conductors

16AWG (65x34) TC Conductors

FEP Insulation, .010" wall

Overall Shield

90% TC Braid

Overall Jacket

Plenum PVC, Black


Signal Elements Signal Color Code Aux Elements Aux Color Code O.D. Weight Bend Radius

Red, Grey


White, Black .213" 50 lbs/Mft 2.1"


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Insulation Resistance Standard Compliance Operating Temperature UL Listing

Singal Conductor: 13.9 Ω/Mft

Aux Conductor: 4.4 Ω/Mft

Shield: 2.8 Ω/Mft

>10M Ω/km

Compliant to electrical standards for SMPTE 311M camera cables 0degC to +75degC





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