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24AWG AES/EBU Dual-Pair Audio Cable



Easy-to-Strip and Terminate - jacket and bonded foil shield strip in one operation

Bonded Pairs - each pair is fully color coded and cleanly seperates

Low-Wick Insulation - high melt temperature minimizes insulation reduction when soldering

24 AWG Low-Loss Conductors - low loss, corrosion resistant and easy to solder

110Ω Characteristic Impedance - precision impedance for 192kHz/24bit data transmission

UL Rated CM - suitable for permanent installation tin applications that require CM listed cables

Clark’s 802 is a low-loss 110Ω data cable for AES/EBU digital audio applications. Easy to terminate, the 802 features a bonded easy-strip shield and tinned copper conductors that streamline cable termination. Excellent common-mode and RF/EMI noise rejection are achieved by a precision twisted pair and 100% foil shield. For impedance matching in data transmission applications, the 802 has a precision 110Ω characteristic impedance. UL rated CM, the 802 can be installed in a variety of permanent installation environments.


Materials & Dimentions


(2) 24AWG (7x32) Stranded TC, .024" O.D. (per pair)


Foam Polypropylene .023" wall, (one white, one blue)


100% Foil (Easy-Strip Bonded) with

24AWG (7x32) Stranded TC Drain Wire


PVC, .173" O.D.

Number or Pairs

Flexible PVC, .173"x.350" O.D.

Available Colors

One Channel Red, One Channel White


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Capacitance Temperature Range Impedance Weight UL Listing

Conductor: 23.5 Ω/Mft

Shield w/ Drain: 22.0 Ω/Mft

12.0 pF/ft between conductors

21.6 pF/ft between one conductor and the other in common with shield

-20degC to +75degC 110Ω 26 lbs/Mft



Frequency 1 MHz 3 MHz 6 MHz 12 MHz

25 MHz

Attenuation dB/100 feet 0.91 1.29 1.58 2.12


Attenuation dB/100 meters 2.98 4.23 5.18 6.95





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