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Multi-Pair Audio Cable


400 Series

Extra-Flexible and UL Rated - ideal for portable staging, studio use or permanent installation

Thin Profile and Low-Weight - designed for portable applications and multi-pin connector termination

Low-Wick Insulation - high melt temperature minimizes insulation reduction when soldering

24 AWG Tinned Copper Conductors - low loss, corrosion resistant and easy to solder

Color Coded Pair Jackets- simplifies channel identification by color and alpha-numeric print

Clark’s 400 series 24AWG multi-pair audio cables deliver multi-purpose performance for field, stage and permanent installation applications. Extra-flexible and easy-to-terminate, the 400 series is both installer and user friendly. The individual audio pairs are color coded and alphanumerically printed for easy identification. Conductors are tinned-copper and insulated with low-wick polypropylene insulation for easy solderability. UL rated and extra-flexible, the 400 series features Clark’s unique TPE outer jacket compound that is flexible, abrasion resistant and CMR riser rated.


Materials & Dimentions


(2) 24AWG (7x32) Stranded TC


Polypropylene .009" wall, (one black, one red)


100% Alum/Mylar Foil

Pair Jackets

PVC, .118" O.D. Color Coded

Overall Jacket

Black TPE (see below for cable diameters)


Cross Sectional Diagram


Optical and Electrical Characterisitics

DC Resistance Capacitance Temperature Range UL Listing

Conductor: 23.5 Ω/Mft

Drain: 23.5 Ω/Mft

24 pF/ft between conductors

43 pF/ft between one conductor and the other in common with shield

-30degC to +75degC



Product Variations

Part Number Pair Count Overall Diameter Weight Bend Radius
404 4 pair .435" 100 lbs/Mft 4.3"
408 8 pair .560" 175 lbs/Mft 5.6"
412 12 pair .570" 200 lbs/Mft 5.7"



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