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Triax Assemblies


Flexible Digital HD Triax Camera

RG11 and RG59 Types - low loss RG11 or thin profile RG59 sizes

Gas Injected Dielectric - reduces dielectric constant and high frequency attenuation

Heat Resistant Belt - maintains IR at elevated operating temperatures

Mink PVC Jacket - flexible and abrasion resistant

Stranded Center Conductor - provides added flexibility and flex-life

Sweep Tested and Verified - ensures electrical conformity for RL and IL specifications

ADC or Kings Connectors - terminated with ADC ProAx or Kings TriLoc camera connectors

Clark triax camera assemblies use digital grade triax cable made with an extended bandwidth gas-injected dielectric and heat resistant belt. The outer jacket is extruded from Clark's propritary Mink PVC compound that is both flexible and abrasion resistant. The connector terminations can be specified from either ADC ProAx or Kings TriLoc connectors.


Part Numbers

Part Number Cable Type Connectors
X-(cable type)-(length)-0-(connector brand)

Clark TV7511D RG11 .515" OD


Clark TV7559D RG59 .350" OD

ADC ProAx (Male to Female)

Kings TriLoc (Male to Female)


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Return Loss Min. Bend Radius Operating Temperature

15AWG Center Conductor: 2.9 Ω/Mft (RG11)

22AWG Center Conductor: 14.0 Ω/Mft (RG59)

Braid Shields: 1.4 Ω/Mft to 2.6 Ω/Mft


>20dB from 1MHz - 1GHz



>22dB from 1MHz 1GHz

>15dB from 1GHz - 3GHz



5.2" (RG11)

2.4" (RG59)

-30degC to +75degC (RG11)

-35degC to +75degC (RG59)


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