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Power Assemblies


Stage-Pin Power Cables

Three Conductors - two power conductors plus ground

USITT Pin Configuration - meets standard for stage lighting connector format

20A/125V or 15A/250V -rated up to 20 amps for stage lighting applications

Extremely Rugged - oil, chemical, ozone, sunlight and water resistant cable

Male to Female - standard alternating gender connector ends

Black TPE Cable Jacket - abrasion resistant and flexible

12AWG-3C Portable Cable - low DC resistance and increased ampacity



Assembly Part Numbers

Part Number Connector Type Cable Type
X - PWC - 12/3 - (length) - SP20MF

(1) 3C Male Stage-Pin

(1) 3C Female Stage-Pin

12AWG - 3C Stranded, Black Jacket



Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Operating Temperature
12AWG Conductor: 1.6 Ω/Mft

-40degC to +90degC


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