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Panasonic Camera Cables


Panasonic 300 - Two RG6 HD/SDI with Power

For Panasonic 300 Camera Systems - Two HD/SDI Coaxes with Panasonic compatible power connector

Two RG6 HD/SDI Coaxes - low-loss and 4.5GHz bandwidth for 3G HD/SDI channels

12AWG Power Pair - extra-low DCR conductors minimize power loss

Flexible and Rugged TPE Jacket - extra-flexible and abrasion resistant

Panasonic Compatible Power Connector - mates with Panasoinc 300 power jacks

3G HD/SDI BNC Connectors - coaxes are terminated with broadcast grade BNC connectors

Clark assemblies for use with Panasonic 300 camera systems provide two channels of 3G HD/SDI RG6 coax for digital video and an extra-low loss 12AWG power pair for the CCU to camera power supply. The coax elements are terminated with broadcast grade 3G BNC connectors and the power element uses a Panasonic compatible circular power connector. For flexibility and durability, the outer jacket is extruded from a TPE compound that has exceptional low-temperature performance and abrasion resistance.


Part Numbers

Part Number Elements Cable Type Connectors

2 - 18AWG RG6 HD/SDI Coaxes


1 - 12AWG X 2 Power Pair

Clark CD7506DPWR

TPE Jacket, .722" OD


3G HD/SDI BNCs with Strain Relief Boots


Panasonic 300 Compatible

5-Pin Circular Connector



Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Impedance Velocity of Prop. Operating Temperature

12AWG (19x25) BC Conductor: 1.8 Ω/Mft

18AWG Solid BC Conductor: 6.4 Ω/Mft

Coax Shield: 2.8 Ω/Mft

Coax Elements:


Coax Elements: 83%

-30degC to +75degC


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