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Panasonic Camera Cables


Panasonic 100 - Seven Element Cable

For Panasonic 100 Camera Systems - Seven Elements for Video, Audio, Control, and Power

Three Coaxes Elements - one RG59 and two 23AWG 4.5GHz HD/SDI coax elements

Two 22AWG Shielded Pairs - for audio or control signals

12AWG Power Pair - extra-low DCR conductors minimize power loss

Ten Conductor Control Element - low-loss 22AWG conductors with overall shield

3G HD/SDI BNC Connectors - coaxes are terminated with broadcast grade BNC connectors

Flexible and Rugged TPE Jacket - extra-flexible and abrasion resistant

Clark assemblies for use with Panasonic 100 camera systems provide a unqiue combination of seven video, audio, control, and power elements for use with Panasonic Series 100 Cameras. The coax elements are made from Clark broadcast grade HD/SDI 4.5GHz CD series coax and are terminated with 3G BNC connectors.For flexibility and durability, the outer jacket is extruded from a TPE compound that has exceptional low-temperature performance and abrasion resistance.


Part Numbers

Part Number Cable Elements Overall Jacket Connectors


2- 22AWG x 2 Shieded Twisted-Pairs SPA22GS

2 - 23AWG 75Ω HD/SDI Coaxes CD7523

1 - 20AWG 75Ω RG59 HD/SDI Coax CD7559

1 - 12AWG x 2 Unshielded Twisted-Pair CW1202

1 - 22WG x10 Shielded Multi-Conductor SMC2210



1 - DB9 (M to F)

3 - HD/SDI BNCs (M to M)

1 - 3-Pin XLR (M to F)

1 - 4-Pin XLR (M to F)

1 - 10-Pin Circular (M to F)


Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Impedance Velocity of Prop. Operating Temperature

23AWG Solid BC Conductor: 20.0 Ω/Mft

22AWG (7x30) TC Conductor: 14.4 Ω/Mft

20AWG Solid BC Conductor: 10.0 Ω/Mft

12AWG (19x25) BC Conductor: 1.8 Ω/Mft

Coax Elements:

75Ω - RG59 20AWG

75Ω - Mini 23AWG

75Ω - RG59 Coax: 83%

75Ω - 23AWG Coax: 83%

-30degC to +75degC


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