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Network Assemblies


Tactical RJ45 Cat5E Cables

Heavy Duty Tactical Cable - abrasion resistant and easy to flex, coil,and store

Cat5E 100Mhz Bandwidth - meets or exceeds TIA/EIA requirements

Gigabit Networking - enhananced bandwidth and perfromance for 1Gb/s networks

Four Twisted Data Pairs - all eight contacts active for full-duplex applications

RJ45 Cat5E Connector with Boot - TIA/EIA grade connector with rubber flex-relief boot

Shielded or Unshielded Cable - available with screened or unscreened cable



Assembly Part Numbers

Part Number Connector Type Cable Type Code
X - CN (type) - (length)

Cat5E RJ45 with Rubber Boot

424C5TF = CN424C5TF 24AWG stranded, unshielded

426C5TFS = CN426C5TFS 26AWG stranded, shielded





Performance Characterisitics

DC Resistance Maximum Distance Characteristic Impedance Capacitance Operating Temperature

26.0 Ω/100m (24AWG CN424C5TF)

42.6 Ω/100m (26AWG CN426C5TFS)

CN424C5TF - 70m

CN426C5TFS - 80m

100 Ω (+/-15) 13.5 pF/ft (mutual) -40degC to +90degC


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