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Audio Assemblies


DT12 Fanout

24AWG Stranded Conductors - low DC resistance and improved flex-life

Neutrik XLR Connectors - premium black and gold XX Series

Braided Shield Mic Cable Breakout - exceptional flex-life and corrosion resistant

Hard Anodized Aluminum Backshell - exceptional rugged and corrosion resistant

Stainless Steel Housing (Male)- dent and corrosion reistant

Locking Set-Screws and Castellations- prevents accidental loosening

Gold Plated Contacts (3 micron) - low contact DCR and corrosion resistant

Scalloped, Rotation-Proof Insulator- chip and crack proof and prevents rotation

Weather Tight Seals- all gaps are sealed with gaskets




Assembly Part Numbers

Part Number Fanout Length Cable Type Connector Typs


(12) SF224 - 24AWG 2C Microphone Cables

Clark Male DT12 to 12 Neutrik NC3FXX-B XLRs



(12) SF224 - 24AWG 2C Microphone Cables

Clark Female DT12 to 12 Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLRs



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