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Audio Assemblies


DT12 Breakout Box

Neutrik XLR Connectors - premium black and gold XX Series connectors

Clark DT12 Connectors - rugged and mateable with all DT12 type connectors

Feedthrough with Passive Audio Split - all connectors are parallel wired per channel

Hard Anodized Aluminum Chassis - exceptionally rugged and corrosion resistant

Gold Plated Contacts- low contact DCR and corrosion resistant

Scalloped, Rotation-Proof Insulator- chip and crack proof DT12 insulators prevent rotation

Dust Caps Included- DT12 connectors come with dust caps attached with lanyard




Assembly Part Numbers

Part Number Dimentions Connectors

5.5"W x 4x71"H x 16"L

(1) Clark Male DT12, (1) Clark Female DT12

(12) Male Neutrik XLRs , (12) Female Neutrik XLRs



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