UniPatch® Bantam Audio Modules

The bantam audio jack modules for the UniPatch® system are perfectly designed

for professional digital and analog audio applications.

Bantam audio, adjustable normals,

2-circuit (4 jacks), black

1 space in Chassis

Part #        AM-BAN-BK

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High-Density, Selectable Normals, and Excellent Reliability

• 33 percent higher density than conventional frame-type bantam bays. Up to 32 cards in a frame with
    2 circuits (4 jacks) per card for a total of 64 circuits (128 jacks)

• 32-across spacing exactly matches typical router configurations and provides larger designation area

• Switch-selectable normals and grounds for each circuit: normals strapped (NS), half-normal (HN),   bussed ground (BG), or no normals (NN)

• WECO-standard jacks meet or exceed MIL-STD-202 for mechanical durability as well as corrosion, salt spray, thermal shock, and moisture resistance, and vibration

• Precision-molded housing and sturdy, integrated all metal springs rated for 10,000 insertions/withdrawals. Gold crossbar, self-cleaning contacts ensure a positive connection

• Modular termination options: QCP II, EDAC 3-pin plug, EDAC 90-pin plug, DB-25, AMP Champ 50-pin
receptacle, or QCP IV with 4-foot umbilical Ultra Patch panel

• Snap-on designation holders accept individual labels without tools; conventional chassis-wide designation strips are also available. Large designations provide enough room for three lines of text

• Fully compliant 110 Ohm circuit board meets demanding AES specifications





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