UniPatch® Mix-and-Match Backplanes

Ten different backplane connector types are available, and because they come in modular units, they can be
mixed and matched like the jack modules. Each backplane supports up to eight jack modules.

Available modules:

Dsub9 connectors, 32-port, high-density (shown) 24-port, standard-density (not shown)

   (32-port requires thin shell strain relief, sold separately)

• Labor-saving QCP II Ultra Patch quick connect punchdown

• AMP Champ 50-pin receptacle

• EDAC 90-pin plug

• EDAC 3-pin plug

• QCP MKII for data 20x8

• QCP MKII for audio 12x8

AMP 50-Pin Receptacle

8-Circuit Rear Module

Dsub9 Circuit

RS-422 Rear Module

Circuit Rear Module

(for Audio)

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Rear Module, 8-Circuit
(for audio)
EDAC 90-Pin Plug,
8-Circuit Rear Module
(for data)

QCP II 8x10 Circuit
Rear Module

(for data)

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  • Mounts on side of equipment rack with velcro or can be rack mounted
  • Modules contain four circuits for up to 64 circuits per 2 RU chassis.
  • Works with quick-to-install QCP punchdown termination modules or EDAC 3-pin plug.
  • 1 Vp-p plug-in pad is available for equipment that cannot accept high-input voltages.
  • Plug-in pad feature allows each circuit to be tailored for 1 Vp-p operation in 1dB increments to -20dB.
  • New splitter module provides 2-in/4-out passive split/110 to 75 Ohm converter.