UniPatch® Video Modules

ADC offers a full line of UniPatch® video patching modules, making it easy to assemble a custom video patch panel for any application.

Modules are available for analog, SD, HD, or component video.
Included in the selection of jacks are the standard size SVJ series, midsize MVJ series Super Video Jacks for
outstanding performance at high-definition data rates and beyond.

Standard Size HD Video Module Standard Size Video Module
also available with CJ2020N75
terminated single jacks
Midsize HD Video Module
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RGBHV Video Module RGB, PrPBY HD Video Module  
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All modules provided with colored inserts to allow the user to customize for any use.


• Standard jacks mount 24 across, midsize jacks mount 32 across
• Standard-size, HD video modules contain SVJ-2x normalled-through Super Video Jacks with or without termination
• Standard size straight-through modules contain CJ2014N jacks without termination or CJ2020N-75 jacks with termination
• Midsize HD video modules contain MVJ-3 normalled-through Super Video Jacks with or without termination
• Midsize straight-through modules contain CJ3014/4014 jacks without termination or CJ3014N-75/4014N-75 jacks with termination
• MUSA modules contain SMJ-2100 HD-rated MUSA standard jacks.
• New modules are available for analog component video in the following configurations: RGB, PrPBY, RGBS, and RGBHV
• Large designations snap on without tools providing enough space for four rows of text



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