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SMPTE 311/304 Fiber Optic Cable Tester



Measures Fiber Attenuation

Tests for Electrical Opens and Shorts

Includes both RX and TX Units

Touch Screen Color Display

Lemo Stainless Steel Connectors

Shock Resistant Case Included

The Clark CWT-SMPTE is a two-piece test set designed specifically for testing both the fiber and copper elements of a terminated SMPTE 304/311 camera cable assembly. The fiber elements are tested for power loss and displayed in dB loss, while the copper elements are tested for multiple combinations of opens and shorts. Measurement are displayed on color touch screen display for easy viewing and operation.


Product Variations

Part Number Included Items Tests Performed Connector Interface Screen Dimentions Weight
CWT-SMPTE TX Transmitter Unit,
RX Receiver Unit
Fiber Loss,
Electrical Shorts and Opens
Lemo SMPTE Plug (TX Unit),
Lemo SMPTE Socket (RX Unit)
Color Touch Screen Display 3.125” W x 6.5” H x 1.75” D
(one unit)
1.9 lbs
(both RX and TX units)





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