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Single-Mode Fiber Power Loss Tester

Noyes® Test & Inspection

The SLP4-6D test kit combines the OPM4-4D optical power meter and OLS2-Dual LASER light source and is ideally suited for testing single-mode fiber optic networks.  A large dual-wavelength LCD display with backlight shows measured power [dBm or μW] or insertion loss [dB], calibrated wavelengths [nm], tone signal [Hz], wavelength ID, and estimated remaining battery life.

• Wave ID (auto identification & switching)
• Dual or single Wave ID, CW, Tone
• 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz Tone
• Adjustable output
• Large LCD with backlight (OPM4-4D)
• Reference power level storage


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Noyes® Test & Inspection Single-mode Test Kit SLP5-6D
Noyes® Test & Inspection Single-mode Test Kit with Data Storage SLP4-6D





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  FiberTek™ Single Mode Basic


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