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CCTV Cable Tester


SecuriTEST™ is the most versatile all-in-one installation and troubleshooting tool for the CCTV professional


CCTV/Security Tester

  • Combines the Most Needed Tools in One Package
  • Includes a CCTV Video Tester, PTZ Camera Controller, Digital Multi-meter, UTP Cable Tester, Video Test Pattern Generator, and PTZ Protocol Analyzer
  • 2.5in (6.3cm) Color LCD Screen with On-Screen Displays for PTZ Control/Diagnostics and DMM Readouts
  • Protocol Analyzer is Compatible with Over a Dozen PTZ Protocols




Description   Part #   Get Quote
SecuriTEST™ CCTV/Security Tester 33-891



Input Voltage 12VDC +/- 10%, 1A
Battery 6 AA Alkaline or NIMH
Internal Charger

Charging time 6+ hrs

Operating time 4hrs


Signal Format NTSC or PAL
Video Level 1Vpp, 1401 RE


PTZ Control
Supported Protocols Multi-protocol
Baud Rates 2400-38400bps
Data Communications RS-422 or RS-485


UTP Cable Test
Detects Straight/cross cables,open, short, miswire,split pairs



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