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Rack Panels


Blank 19" Rack Panels

Blank 19" Rack Panels

Fill a void or customize

to your needs.

Clarks Custom Assembly Shop will punch, load, and terminate per your specifications.

Pre-Punched Stock Panels

XLR / Multipurpose

Clark's stock panels.

Prepunched to accommodate a variety of connectors - XLR, BNC, RJ45 & more.


D-punch panels for Bulkhead-Feedthrough connectors.

Keystone Modular Panels

Blank Modular Panels

The modular patch panel is designed to accept

modular jacks and connectors, providing flexibility in multimedia installations.

Fan Panels

Fan Cooling

Quiet fan panel assembly. Available with 1 or 2 fans in a textured or anodized aluminum finish. 3 space, includes

fans and grills.

Vented Panels


The highest percentage of open area found on any of our vent panels (64%), all VT series products are made from 16-gauge perforated steel, and are flanged for extra strength.

Light Blocking

The ideal solution for installations where a high open percentage area (64%) vent is needed, and it is desirable to conceal the internal cabling.

Aesthetic Version

The tight perforated pattern found in the VTF series of vent panels limits viewing for aesthetics.

Vertical Slotted

Value in a flanged design utilizing 16-gauge steel construction.

Horizontal Slotted

Highly aesthetic with an attractive slotted design, the VTP series is flanged and made from 16-gauge aluminum.


Call on

Clarks Custom Assembly Shop

to build what YOU need.



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