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NTSC/PAL 1x4 Video Distribution Amplifier


  • Video Distribution with 4 Outputs
  • Adjustable Gain Amplification
  • Input LOOP OUT Jack
  • Video 1 Volt Signal Indicator
  • 10 MHz Bandwidth, NTSC or PAL
  • 1/3-Rack, High-Density Rack Mounting

APPLICATION: The RU-VDA4 is the ideal choice in most applications where video signals need to be distributed. Video inputs and outputs are made on the front panel via BNC, PHONO, or type F jacks.

Power connections are made using full-size barrier block terminals on the rear panel.

The RU-VDA4 has two jacks in the input stage. One jack is for the input signal;

the other is a loop through output of the source signal.The input stage is bridging.

If 75 Ω termination of the input signal is required, the termination is plugged onto the LOOP OUT jack.
Gain is user adjustable from the front panel. The GAIN potentiometer allows adjustment from -1 dB to +7 dB.

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RU-VDA4 NTSC / PAL Video Distribution Amplifier



1 kΩ bridging 75 Ω line


-1 dB to +7 dB (0.9 to 2.25 V p-p, adjustable)


1 LOOP OUT from input signal; 4 amplified outputs

Output Level:

1 V p-p into 75 Ω

Frequency Response:

10 Hz to 10 MHz (+/- 0.2 dB)


< -70 dB below (1 V p-p)

Output Isolation:

> 40 dB

Differential Gain:


Differential Phase:

0.1 degree (measured at 10% and 90 APL)

Connector Type:

BNC, PHONO, or Type F

Power Requirement:

GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 to 33 Vdc @ 60 mA


POWER CONNECTION: Connect a single-ended 24 Vdc power source to the +24 terminal.

Connect the ground return from that supply to the adjacent GND terminal.

Power supply and circuit grounds are common.

INPUT: Connect video input to the IN jack. If the input signal is to continue on to another piece of equipment which will terminate the input, connect a cable to the LOOP OUT jack; connect the other end of this cable to the terminating equipment. If no loop output is used, connect a 75 Ohm terminator to the LOOP OUT jack.

OUTPUT: Connect the coaxial cable to the desired output(s) on the RU-VDA4, and label them as desired.

GAIN ADJUSTMENT: Adjust the GAIN potentiometer for 1 Vp-p video level on your instrumentation.

In the absense of test equipment, the 1V VIDEO INTO TERMINATED LOAD LED may be used.

First turn the gain counter-clockwise. Then advance the GAIN clockwise until the 1V VIDEO INTO TERMINATED LOAD LED just illuminates.


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