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SPDIF 1x4 Distributor



  • SPDIF Signal Distribution (1 x 4)
  • Operation Up to 24 bits, 96 kHz
  • Exclusive Sure-Lok™ Auto-Recovery Sentinel
  • Transformer Isolated Input / Outputs
  • Digital Signal Reclocking
  • Digital Signal LOCK Indication

APPLICATION: The RDL-RU-SPD4 is the ideal choice in installations requiring high quality distribution of a digital SPDIF or AES-3ID signal. A single SPDIF input is decoded, reclocked and retransmitted to four individually buffered, transformer-isolated, electrical SPDIF outputs and four corresponding optical outputs.

The RDL-RU-SPD4 features two electrical inputs (phono and BNC) and one optical input. The electrical inputs are 75 Ω terminated. Any one of the three input jacks may be used. Four distributed SPDIF outputs are available. Each output is available on a phono jack, BNC jack or optical connector. Separate buffer amplifiers and output transformers for each output provide isolation between electrical outputs. The RDL-RU-SPD4 is powered from 24 Vdc which may be connected through the barrier block or through the dc power jack. A front-panel power switch is provided. All inputs and outputs are available on the rear panel.

The RDL-RU-SPD4 front panel provides a POWER LED and a green LOCK LED. The LOCK indicator is illuminated whenever the module is locked to a valid AES/EBU digital source without any phase-lock or bit errors.

Sure-Lok auto-recovery circuitry included in the RU-SPD4 monitors the most frequent causes of latch-up and reinitiates digital signal lock, bringing a new higher level of stability to digital audio signal distribution under the variety of conditions encountered in professional environments.

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RDL-RU-SPD4 RU-SPD4 Digital Audio Distributor  SPDIF 1X4





75 Ω SPDIF phono, BNC (transformer isolated), or optical

Outputs (4):

75 Ω SPDIF phono, BNC (transformer isolated), or optical

Sample Rate:

32 kHz to 96 kHz


16 to 24 bits

Indicators (2):

POWER LED and LOCK LED (LOCK indicates locked to a valid signal)


IEC958, S/PDIF and EIAJCP340/1201

Power Requirement:

GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 to 33 Vdc @ 160 mA





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