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Data and Network Patchbays


UniPatch® GigE Series 

Gigabit Ethernet Patch Panel                                                

ADC has designed a professional broadcast-quality Gigabit

  (1000 baseT)

patching system for demanding professional environments where

frequent patching and higher density is required.

Pre-Terminated Networking 

RapidNet: Pre-Terminated Network Cabling

It's an idea whose time has come.

RapidNet - A Revolution in Copper & Fiber Network Cabling

GigiBand Category 6 AlphaSnap Patch Panel

The panels are equipped with individual, fully modular printed circuit boards (PCBs). Rather than replace the entire panel, each port can be individually removed and replaced if damaged during installation.

GigaBand Category 6 Universal Patch Panels

The 24 and 48 port Universal patch panels are also available with Rack-Snap
Inserts, a revolutionary new patch panel fixing which drastically reduces
installation time.

MegaBand Category 5e patch panels

MegaBand Category 5e patch panels offer the same features
as the GigaBand panels; however, they have been developed to fully comply with the Category 5e performance standard.

100 Base-T Patch Panels

The PowerSum telco patch panels convert feeder or equipment cables from 25 pair to 12 individual RJ45 ports with 2 pair presentation suitable for LAN applications
including 100 Base-T.

Category 5e and Category 6 1RU High Density Patch Panels

Specifically designed to provide high performance in a 1U format. These panels are robust and easy to install, providing double the density of a standard 1U patch panel. The built-in rear cable management design enables each cable to be securely
fixed to the back of the panel.

Category 6 Shielded Modular Patch Panel

GigaBand Category 6 shielded modular patch panel accepts HellermannTyton shielded modular jacks to complete a shielded system solution for superior protection from noise and EMI.

Modular Patch Panels

Allows the design of a custom panel specifically suited to different applications
including coax, voice, audio, video and fiber. Once the connectors
are snapped into the panel, they are flush with the front of the plate.

GigaBand flush Category 6 and MegaBand Category 5e modular jacks

Designed to “future proof” installations. Its patented design uses innovative crosstalk cancellation technology.

Category 3 Modules also available.

Category 6 Rated 110 Wiring Blocks

Category 6 - 110 wiring blocks are designed to support Category 6 cabling
applications as specified in TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 with unique spacing that provides
superior NEXT performance.

ADC IEEE 1394a FireWire® Patch Panels

These panels offer a passive interconnection solution for digital video editing needs. Industry-compatible six-pin IEEE 1394a connectors on both the front and rear of the panel allow the interconnection of cameras, servers, workstations, and non-linear editing suites via FireWire at 400 Mb/s bandwidth. The result is increased flexibility and productivity without sacrificing performance and reliability.


Tools Cable Management Ethercon Series



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