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LinkMaster Network Cable Tester


LinkMaster™ PRO XL Kit

  • Everything you Need for Remote Mapping on Twisted Pair and Coax Cables
  • 8 Twisted Pair Remotes, CATV F-Terminators, 9 RJ-11 Jumper Cables, 9 RJ-45 Shielded Jumper Cables
  • RJ-45 and RJ-11 Adapters
  • RJ-45 and RJ-11 Alligator Clip Assembly


LinkMaster™ PRO XL and ABS  Deluxe Kit


  • Everything you Need to Perform All Test Functions for up to Eight Remote Mapping Locations on Twisted Pair and Coax Cable
  • ABS™ Tester - Detects DIal Tone, Polarity, Presence of Power, and is an Amplifier Probe for Tone Tracing
  • Carrying Case for Easy Use

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LinkMaster™ Pro XL Kit
LinkMaster™ Pro and ABS™ Deluxe Kit



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