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Network and Phone Cable Tester


  Identify connector & cable pin-out with true cable mapping for both patch cords and installed cables.

Also perform full-range continuity testing, line condition, signal tracing & wire identification

with tone generator and tone probe cable tracer.


  • Identifies Connection, opens, shorts, crosses & Pinouts
  • Tests RJ45 & RJ11 Cables with Runs up to 600'
  • View Telephone line Status: Ring, Dial Tone, or Busy Line


Instructions for use


RJ45 LAN Cable-Check™ mode is a true cable mapper that identifies:

Telephone Test Set & Tone Probe Cable Tracer:

  • Check polarity of telephone power line
  • View telephone line status: dial tone, ringing line or busy line
  • Provides talk power for telephone lines & butt set use
  • Selectable dual/single tone application for balanced & unbalanced circuits
  • Four tone generator patterns
  • Tests continuity of wires, cables & loads
  • Tone generator features auto-off function
  • Locate patch and termination of wire
  • Quickly identify cable pair carrying signal
  • Inductive, high sensitivity probe
  • Jack for headset
Open, crossed and shorted connections
Connector and cable pin-out
Clear LED display for each pin and shield
Shielded RJ45 modular plug socket
Features automatic display of mapping with dual speeds: Slow or Fast

Audible speaker with adjustable volume control enables use without a butt set


2 RJ45 shielded patch cords, RJ11 cord with alligator clips, 2 9V batteries & durable,

nylon carrying case with belt loop

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LAN & Telecom Cable Testing Kit PAL-1573


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