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Lacing Bars


Horizontal Lacer Bars

The economical and effective way to manage cable horizontally. Made from 1/4" diameter flattened rod (model LBP-1R, LBP-1.5, and model LBP-1R4) or 3/16" thick aluminum (model LBP-1S), each bar provides convenient cable tie points.

Vertical Lacer Strips

Perforated steel lacer strips mount vertically to rackrail brackets and provide many locations for securing cable ties. Lacer strips can be cut down easily to smaller sizes. 

Telescoping Lacer Strips

Adjusts to fit front to rear or horizontally within any Middle Atlantic Products enclosure. Provides for effective cable management and cable strain relief.

Accepts mounting of Vertical Lacer Strips and Thin Power Strips for a complete cable management system.


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