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Network Cable Tester


Test Continuity of RJ45 data and telephone connection schemes on patch cords or on installed cable runs to identify: Good connections, opens, shorts and cross connections

LAN Cable-Check Instructions


  • Identifies Cross-Over Telephone Connections
  • Maps Connector and Cable Pin-out
  • Tests Cables up to 1,650' or 500m
  • Automatically Scans when Cables Connected and Unit Turned on
  • Two Scan Speeds: Fast or Slow
  • Also Tests RJ11 Connections Using a RJ11 Adapter (not Included)
  • Two RJ45 Patch Cords and 9V Battery Included
  • Contained in a Durable Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Loop


Description Part # Get Quote
 LAN Cable-Check™ PAL-1574


Technical Main Unit Remote
Weight 12 oz. (343 g)  

5.5" L x 2.54" W x 1.61" D

140 mm x 64.5mm x 41

2.93" L x 1.13" W x .86" D 74.4mm x 28.7 mm x21.9mm
Output 9Vdc Nominal at 10 mA Max  
Connection Type RJ45 UTP Modular Plug  
Battery 9Vdc NEDA 1604, JIS 06P, IEC 6L61  
Battery Life 15 hours Continuous Use  


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