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Icon™ IDC Punch Panels


Whether your facility has abundant floor space to accommodate a rack-based ICON system or you need to fit the system into tight spaces by mounting it on the wall, ADC makes a cable management system to meet your requirements:

All About ICON Systems

Fully Loaded I-96

Rack-Mount System with
Fanning Panels and

Express Troughs.
Handles 768 balanced

audio pairs




Technical Drawings

ICON  I-W Modular Wall-Mount System

An I-W system is assembled from the following components:

  • I-WA or I-WB wall-mount frame holds four
    I-24 QCP terminal blocks
  • I-24 QCP termination block terminates
    or cross-connects 24 balanced audio circuits

ICON Rack-Mount Systems

This system is built around rack-mountable

modular components that you can assemble

in different combinations to create the

system you require.

I-WS Super High-Density Wall-Mount System

The ICON I-WS is a super high-density wall-mount

cable management system engineered for

maximum space efficiency.


ICON - Video Integrated Organization Network

The Video ICON cable organizational network system makes installations of coaxial cable cleaner and identification of cables simpler.


24-Connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel


8-Connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel


64-Connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel

Tools Cable Ties Accessories



Hinged Termination Panel


Express Trough




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