I-WS Super High-Density Wall-Mount System


The ICON® I-WS is a super high-density wall-mount cable management system engineered for maximum space efficiency.

The I-WS system terminates or cross-connects up to 192 balanced audio circuits in a 31.0 x 17.9-inch (79.0 x 45.5 cm) QCP II frame or in a 34.6 x 17.9-inch (87.9 x 45.5 cm) QCP IV frame.

The I-WS frame holds two 96-circuit QCP II or QCP IV punchdown panels mounted on edge, 90 degrees relative to the wall to provide access to connections on both sides, an extremely space-efficient arrangement.

Cabling from your equipment connects on the left side of the panel, and the feedthrough design allows cross-connect access to those circuits on the right side without affecting the equipment wiring.


The I-WS system consists of the following main components. You can start with a single frame and panels and expand to additional frames as needed.

• I-WS wall-mount frame holds two I-WS-PANEL assemblies and includes vertical cable rings and fanning strips terminating a total of 192 circuits

• QCP II or QCP IV 96-circuit punchdown terminal block panel mounts in the I-WS-PANEL

• I-WSET express trough mounts above or below I-WS frame and routes cables horizontally

Two I-WS frames can be stacked to achieve 384 balanced audio pairs in only 62-inches of vertical wall space.

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wall-mount frame includes I-WS-PANEL with QCP II or QCP IV connector blocks mounted 90º from the wall. Terminates or cross-connects 192 balanced audio circuits.

I-WS dimensions: 31" x 17.9" (79 cm x 45.5 cm)



Dimensions: 34.6" x 17.9" (87.9 x 45.5 cm)



Mounts on the I-WS frame and holds the QCP blocks.


I-WSET  -  Express Trough  (Shown below)

Mounts above, between, or below I-WS and routes cabling horizontally between frames.
Dimensions: 7.5" x 17.9" (19 cm x 45 cm)


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