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                                                 Non-Metallic Fiber Optic Pull

The Fiber-Pull is a highly flexible and expandable nonmetallic sleeve open on one end and with a
pulling ring on the other. It will expand to enclose the larger group of fiber optic connectors and grab
the cable below the connector bundle by wrapping and taping to provide a gripping tool

that will grab the cable(s) below the connectors.

The pulling ring can be attached to a pulling line or fish tape and the Braid will act as the pulling tool.
It will contain and protect the connector bundle and save time and labor by making the
pulling job easier, protecting the connectors from possible damage during the pull and facilitating the
passage of the connector bundle through cramped and tight spaces.

Three sizes are available for all applications.

How to Select a Fiber-Pull

• Identify connector bundle diameter to be
inserted into the Fiber-Pull.

• Choose appropriate catalog number based
on size range.

Installation Information

Step 1. Expand open end of Fiber-Pull and gently
work in fiber optic connector bundle.



Step 2. Still gently, work connector bundle up to the
forward section of the Fiber-Pull.






Step 3. Starting at approximately 6” (15.2) from tail
end of Fiber-Pull, tightly fold over the Fiber-Pull around cables and tape wrapped section 3” (7.62) past tail end onto the bundle.





Step 4. Securely attach pulling line or tape to
pulling ring.


Note: To remove Fiber-Pull carefully unwrap tape and slide out cables and connectors or cut Fiber-Pull away
without damaging connectors or cables.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


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