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Rackmount Fan Panels



The two rackspace Ultra Quiet Fan Panel System provides smart cooling and monitoring to ensure a reliable installation in areas where fan noise is not an option including boardrooms, classrooms, offices, houses of worship, etc.

Proportional speed thermostatic fan control ensures ultra quiet operation by varying fan speed based on enclosure temperature. Overtemp notification, local and remote, offers additional operation monitoring.

A unique feature to this system provides notification in the event of fan failure via a local or remote signal to an external alarm device


Ultra Quiet Fan Panel System
Part #
fans Overtemp Notification

User Definable

Overtemp Setting

Fan Failure


Local & Remote Display

Free Air


Max Sound Level





    UQFP-2D 2 X X X X X 50 CFM 24 db
    UQFP-4D 4 X X X X X 100 CFM 27 db
    UQFP-2 2 X   X     50 CFM 24 db
    UQFP-4 4 X   X     100 CFM 27 db

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