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Raised Access Floor Boxes: Large


This floor box provides a practical solution for cable storage while maintaining easy access to the internal cables and connector plates.  A smaller hinged trap door folds back to create the cable exit.  The sturdy drop-in floor lip supports the unit and installs flush with the floor. The plate spacing provides a single, double and a four gang opening.

  • Mounting brackets handle standard
    electrical plates.
  • The two Internal Brackets accommodate:
    1 - Single Gang Plate
    1 - Two Gang Plate
    1 - Four Gang Plate

Each floorbox comes with a temporary cover.

Note: This floor box is only intended for carpeted floors, where the accumulation of scrub water is unlikely to occur. Additionally this box is not applicable for contact with grade.

Part # Description Get Quote Specs and Info
FSR-FL-540P-BLP-C Cover with 1/4" Brass Carpet Flange (Lift Off Door)
FSR-FL-540P-4 FSR-FL-540P Back Box 4" Deep
FSR-FL-540P-6 FSR-FL-540P Back Box 6 " Deep
FSR-FL-540P-10 FSR-FL-540P Back Box 10 " Deep

* Requires Cover and Back Box

Replace BLP with choice of covers

Covers: Replace BLP with choice of covers

(Click for larger view)

(Covers pictured will vary from actual size, these are for illustrative purposes only)


1/4"Aluminum Carpet Flange


1/4"Brass Carpet Flange


1/4" Square Aluminum Flange


1/4" Square Brass Flange


Black Sandtex

(No Flange with Hinged door)


Oak Sandtex

(No Flange with Hinged door)


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