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Multi-pin Audio Connector


DT12 37-Pin

Hard Anodized Aluminum Backshell - exceptional rugged and corrosion resistant

Stainless Steel Housing (Male)- dent and corrosion reistant

Locking Set-Screws and Castellations- prevents accidental loosening

Gold Plated Contacts (3 micron) - low contact DCR and corrosion resistant

Scalloped, Rotation-Proof Insulator- chip and crack proof and prevents rotation

Weather Tight Seals- all gaps are sealed with gaskets

Clark’s new DT12 connectors are designed to be exceptionally rugged and weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor broadcast environments. The new Clark DT12 connectors feature all-metal aluminum back shells that are virtually crush and corrosion proof and the male gender connector has a stainless steel mating thread coupling that is dent resistant. The electrical contacts are made from gold plated, screw-machined copper and are captivated in a scalloped neoprene insulator that is crack and rotation resistant. To prevent accidental back shell loosening, the back shells have reverse threads with set-screws. For additional strain relief the back nut can also accommodate wire-mesh cord grips.


Materials & Dimentions

Connector Type

12 Channel DT12 Circular Audio Connector

Number of Contacts


Contact Specifications

Gold Plated (3 micron), Machined Copper, mil-g45204

Max. Wire Size



Stainless Steel (Male), Hard Anodized Aluminum (Female)

Back Shell

Hard Anodized Aluminum



Current Rating

13A (Rated), 22A (Max.)

Voltage Rating

700v DC, 500v AC

Test Voltage

2000v AC RMS


Product Variations

Part Number Type Cable O.D. Range Suggested Clark Cable
DT12-F-CM Cable Mount FEMALE - Standard Cable OD .500" - .620" 412
DT12-F-CML Cable Mount FEMALE - Large Cable OD .620" - .750" 712
DT12-M-CM Cable Mount MALE - Standard Cable OD .500" - .620" 412
DT12-M-CML Cable Mount MALE - Large Cable OD .620" - .750" 712
DT12-SR-620 Wire Mesh Strain Relief - Standard Cable OD .500" - .620" 412
DT12-SR-750 Wire Mesh Strain Relief - Large Cable OD .620" - .750" 712
DT12-F-PM Panel Mount FEMALE n/a n/a
DT12-M-PM Panel Mount MALE n/a n/a
DT12-F-CAP Dust Cap FEMALE n/a n/a
DT12-M-CAP Dust Cap MALE n/a n/a






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