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What is the Custom Select Service?

There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing cable.  Clark Wire & Cable now has a service that allows the customer to decide which cables to include in their overall jacket.  If the customer needs a composite cable with fiber or digital cables, or a hybrid feeder cable with single mode and multimode fibers, Clark will structure a cable directly around the customer's request.  Now the customer could order what they want.

How is the Service used most Efficiently?

With the Custom Select Service, there are almost as many possibilities as you can think of.  One nice way to use this service is with our FocusGuide connectors.  These connectors allow the customer to choose fiber, copper, or a combination of contacts in one connector.  When used with the Custom Select service the customer could now choose the cable as well.

How to begin the Service?

Once you are sure of your cable, it's as easy as calling Clark and talking to a sales manager about the service.  It's as simple as that!

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