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Concrete Floor Boxes



The Popular Multi-Purpose Concrete Floor Box

Available with a wide variety of finished covers

for any Application.

Depths available: 2.25, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10"  


For a larger application then the FL-500P series

Many cover choices available.

Depths available: 4, 6" 


With a more narrow footprint than the 500P or 600P, the 700 still has plenty of room

Box size: 14x7.75x5.25" 


Perfect for a duplex power and up to 12 A/V

or Data jacks

Versatile divided 1 and 2 gang openings.

Box size: 8x9x5.25   View Details


Perfect for cable storage applications and available in a number of different box depths.

Depths available: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6"   View Details


Great for custom punched plate applications. 

The box comes with 1 duplex cut-out

& a 8.5x5 blank plate.

Box size: 12x10x6
(Double duplex plate available. Model: FL-2000-2D)   


Ideal for warehouses, exhibit halls and anywhere you need to handle a high weight load. 

This sturdy box is your solution.    View Details


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