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Wall Plates and Modules


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XLR / Multipurpose

Clark stock Stainless Steel Wall Plates

Prepunched to accommodate a variety of connectors

XLR, BNC, RJ45 & more.


D-Sub / VGA

Available in 1 and 2 gang sizes

Keystone - Modular Wall Plates

Standard 1 & 2 Gang

Easily configured, allowing for additions, deletions or changes to connections.


Standard with Windows

Adhesive labels can be used for identification.

Horizontal with Windows

Horizontal faceplates are ideal for use in InfoStream® surface raceway. For applications where raceway is running along the wall, the horizontal faceplates provide proper orientation for jack installation.


Duplex Faceplates & Mounting Frames

Offered in single gang or dual gang styles, the 106 duplex faceplate is designed to cover standard electrical outlets.


Decorator Wallplates & Mounting Frames

The decorator faceplate covers standard GFCI electrical outlets and is available in a single gang or dual gang format.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel plates for heavy duty industrial or institutional applications.

PreLoaded Telecom/CATV Wall Plates


Telephone & CATV

Telephone Wall Plates are listed and approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratories and contain 50 micro inches of gold plating on the contacts.

Interface Wall Plates

Interface Wallplates

These computer Interface wallplates are ideal for applications requiring quick video and stereo connectivity to a local source or to a longer cable run

Need a Custom Wall Plate?

Call on

Clarks Custom Assembly Department

to build what YOU need.




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