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Audio Signal Generators


RDL-RU-OSC4A   -  Sequencing Oscillator

4 Frequencies

The RDL-RU-OSC4A is the ideal choice in many installations where either manual and/or automatic audio reference tones are required. Output connections are made on the rear panel through full-size, clearly identified, barrier block terminals.

Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-NG1  -  White and Pink Noise Generator

4 x 1

The RDL-ST-NG1 is the ideal choice where random white or pink noise is needed. It is suitable either as a reference noise source for audio measurements or as a masking noise source

in engineered sound or counter-intelligence applications.

Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-OSC2A Dual Audio Oscillators

1kHz and 10 kHz

100Hz and 400 Hz

Each of the RDL-ST-OSC2 products is a Dual Audio Oscillator. These products are designed for quick, convenient installation, and reliable operation in a variety of audio applications.


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