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Audio Crossovers


Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-CX2 - Two Band Active Line-Level Crossover

The ST-CX2 is a line-level two band crossover to drive audio power amplifiers.

The input and outputs are balanced and may be connected unbalanced if necessary.

Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-CX2S - Subwoofer Crossover

The ST-CX2S is a subwoofer signal equalizer in the STICK-ON series of products from RDL. The ST-CX2S offers flexibility in equalization adjustment, with the exceptional performance of RDL.   

Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-HP3 - Dual High Pass Filter

300 Hz and 500 Hz

Each of the ST-OSC2 products is a Dual Audio Oscillator. These products are designed for quick, convenient installation, and reliable operation in a variety of audio applications.



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