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Audio Distribution Amplifiers


RDL-RU-DA4D - Audio Distribution Amplifier

Balanced - 2x4

The RU-DA4D is the ideal choice in most applications where line-level signals need to be distributed. Details


RDL-RU-MLD4 - Mic / Line Distribution Amplifier

The RU-MLD4 is a four channel audio distribution amplifier. The input and all four outputs may be connected through the front-panel XLR jacks or on the rear panel detachable terminal blocks. Details

RDL-RU-UDA4 - Stereo Audio Distributor

2x4 - Phono Jacks

The RU-UDA4 is the optimum choice where connectorized, unbalanced line-level

distribution is needed. This unit features two separate, isolated channels. Details

Stick-On Series

RDL-ST-DA3 - Line Level Distribution Amplifier


The ST-DA3 gives you the advantages of an audio distribution amplifier PLUS you can put it where you need it. The ST-DA3 allows bridging of any audio line, adjusting the gain, and driving up to three high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced loads.  Details

Stick-On Series

RDL-STM-DA3 - Mic Level Distribution Amplifier


The STM-DA3 is designed for use in quality commercial sound, broadcast and recording applications. The 1.2 kΩ balanced input accepts a wide variety of microphone input levels without loading professional low impedance microphones.  Details



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