ICON - Integrated Cable Orginization Network

The MDF Concept
Clean, Simple, Secure, Cable Management

Integrated Cable Organization Network (ICON®)
brings clean, simple order to any professional audio/video production.

The ICON Main Distribution Frame system pulls all of your audio, video, and data cabling together into a neatly organized central termination and distribution point where interconnections are easily managed.

Compared to point-to-point cabling, this system saves time and money, reduces the number of cables and cable disorganization at the equipment, and allows you to change connections quickly,
and provides critical system redundancy.

ICON systems use fast-installing and reliable QCP II or QCP IV punchdown connectors. Input connections punchdown on one side of the unit, output connections on the other side, and jumpers
to interconnect them punch down on the back.

Other connector types are also available.

ADC has ICON systems to suit any application. For small jobs, we make compact rack- and wall-mount units. For facility-wide management, we offer large rack- and wall-mount systems that can grow as your facility grows.



Video ICON

24-Connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel

Main Distribution Frames

A Fully Functional ICON Twisted Pair System

ICON® Models for Every Application

Whether your facility has abundant floor space to accommodate a rack-based ICON system or you need to fit the system into tight spaces by mounting it on the wall, ADC makes a cable management system to meet your requirements:

I-96 series audio rack-mount system for 19-inch equipment racks

• I-W series audio wall-mount system

• I-WS space-saving super high-density audio wall-mount system

• VI Video ICON rack-mount system for 19- and 23-inch equipment racks

• VIW Video ICON wall-mount system

• Cable management hardware, such as fanning panels and cable bars and rings, are available for each ICON system to ensure all cabling is routed neatly and securely


Labor-saving, Flexible, and
Reliable QCP Audio Connections

ICON audio cable management systems feature ADC’s proven punchdown cable termination system for fast, efficient, and secure interconnections. QCP offers these advantages:

Reduced installation time with fast, easy punchdown terminals

• Reliable gastight connections because of patented
QCP split-cylinder design

• Reusable contacts allow easy circuit changes without disturbing    adjacent contacts

• Color-coded and numbered contacts prevent wiring mistakes

Fully Loaded I-96 Rack-Mount System with

Fanning Panels and Express Troughs.

Handles 768 balanced audio pairs.